Review: Legendary

A broken FPS with an interesting premise, cool scripted scenes, and a so-bad-it’s-good story. Developer: Spark Unlimited Publisher: Gamecock Media Group Release date: November 21, 2008 Reviewed on: PC One Sunny Mt. Olympus Day Legend has it that nice guy Prometheus had the misfortune of stealing fire from the gods so that we regular humans could keep... Continue Reading →

Review: Batman: Arkham Asylum

A Must-Play game for fans of third-person action adventure. YOU ARE BATMAN! Developer: Rocksteady Studios Publisher: Eidos Interactive Release date: August 25, 2009 Reviewed on: PC The Lone Crusader "Knock, knock." "Who’s there?" "BATMAAAAAAAAN!" — an old Irish proverb It goes without saying that Batman is a well-known franchise; the Lone Crusader was a household name for decades. Unlike... Continue Reading →

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