Video Games

I am a video game writer / narrative designer.


PC / FPS Sandbox / Brain Stone GmbH

Researched and wrote the successful Kickstarter campaign that got overfunded by almost €55,000 over its initial €20,000 goal.


Paradise Lost
PC, PS4 / Walking Simulator / PolyAmorous Games

Narrative design, texts, and consulting work.

Planetstorm: Fallen Horizon
Mobile / Strategy / Aykiro

Helped design and write an upcoming single player campaign, wrote dialogs advancing the story and sense of progression.


Hero Wars
Facebook / RPG / Nexters

Wrote 45 Open Graph messages: in-lore notifications about scheduled game events and their outcomes fed into Facebook.

Throne Rush
Facebook / Strategy / Nexters

Wrote 31 Open Graph messages for Throne Rush and 35 Push Notifications styled using the game’s lore.

Tau Station
Mobile, PC / Text-based MMORPG / All Around the World

A six months full-time project working on lore, game design, and narrative design.


Honeymoon Havoc: Royal Trouble
Mobile, PC / Adventure / Orchid Games

Rewrote all the texts to make the game more humorous. Fleshed out the characters to give them more personality through character dialogs.


Go Fishing
Facebook / Fishing Simulator / Go Games

Rewrote over 300 quests, edited dialog and inventory item descriptions. Wrote dozens of Facebook user action message prompts.

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